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to the official web site of the Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild. The goal of the Guild is to make this site interesting, informative and fun. We cover a wide area of interests and it is hoped that you will benefit from your visits.

Founded in 2002 as a development from the Provincial "Pastry Chefs Guild of Ontario Inc." (founded in the 1960's and incorporated since 1982), the Federally incorporated "Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild" is also a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of professional pastry chefs and people working and interested in the related food industry. The aim is to promote the trade in all of Canada.

It is the goal of this organization to keep its members abreast of new developments in the Canadian food industry, especially in the pastry, baking and confectionery fields.

Mission Statement -- The objectives of the Corporation are:
  • To promote and seek to improve the standards of the Pastry Chef trade
  • To promote the trade education of its members
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas related to the trade
  • To promote co-operation among its members
  • To encourage eligible members of the trade to join the Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild Inc.
  • To offer counsel to the Government of Canada on matters related to the Pastry Chef trade


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